Current Beauty Faves: Makeup + Hair

Lise Watier Luminous Foundation

I got this foundation from a friend who did not like it on her skin – it happened to be just my colour! I instantly fell in love with it. I had been previously addicted to the Sephora Airbrush Perfect Mist foundation but I had to buy a new one basically every month so it was kind of annoying. I still LOVE that and definitely suggest it but $35/month for foundation is a bit ridiculous. Back to the Lise Watier – this foundation is just so light and glowy on my skin but still provides the coverage I need. It comes with a dropper that gives you the perfect amount of foundation for one application. I use an oval foundation brush and the combo is just perfect!


Kiss NY Professional Fine Precision Brow Pencil

I have only seen this line of makeup in stores as of late, before I had only see them do lashes and nails, and let me tell you I am loving it. This is another Anastasia Brow Wiz dupe – and its even better than the NYX Micro Brow. The pencil is literally the same but the application of the product is much smoother and that much better because of it. Plus, it comes in a colour that better matches my natural brows. Love you Anastasia, but I’m loving the KISS (and the $20 you save each time).


Sephora Illuminate Pallete

Love, love, love this. I am so glad Sephora came out a glow pallete BECAUSE the other brands always fly off the shelf and I can never snatch one up. Winter time is the perfect time to get your glow on, as you just can be a bronzed beauty in the winter – it just looks weird, but there is NOTHING wrong with a little – or a lot – of glow. You glow girl. Can’t wait to use more of the colours when I am actually tanned... And as always (with the Sephora brand) the quality is there and I am super impressed!


Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint

I absolutely love these guys for a Matte Lip that stays. My current fave is the colour ‘bestie’ but I also got one for 2017’s birthday gift and it is just as great! I will definitely be adding more to my collection. The cutest shade of pink blush also came with the birthday gift which I am loving – perfect for a little valentine’s day combo, if your birthday happens to fall in January of February, snatch it up!


MATRIX Bond Ulitm8

This weekly sealing treatment is my hair’s new best friend. I am using this in conjunction with Schwarzkopf’s Fibreplex (which we will be reviewing in a future post). Use this as a masque once a week on damp hair. I just wet my hair a bit, and slowly comb through the treatment through my hair and leave for 15-20 minutes before watching out. My hair has been extra shiny and feels so much stronger. I have recently bleached my hair and have noticed little to no breakage or fallout – which I normally see after bleaching! The smell is also KILLER!

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