Day to Night // Simply Glam Girls

Outfits that go from Day to Night

Day to Night // Simply Glam Girls
Day to Night // Simply Glam Girls

When you are constantly on the go, you need outfits that will work with you. Depending on your lifestyle that could be anything. Work to dinner, school to gym, home to work or any other variation that your life might take you. Sometimes, it's just easier to wear outfits that can transform into something new without a whole lot of effort (blah effort).

So, there are a few things to think about when you get dressed in the morning, to help the transition in your day a tad easier...

Day to Night // Simply Glam Girls
Day to Night // Simply Glam Girls

Wear Versatile Pieces:

This seems like the most obvious point. Wear pieces that can change from one style to another easily. Like Jeans, back dress, tights, neutral clothing, ect. You want to pick a piece that can work in both situations with ease, usually these are plain, easy to style Items. 

Change your Accessories:

Add a statement necklace, midi rings or chandler earrings - if your going out. Take your "cute" outfit up a notch by adding a pop of bling. Or vice versa - swap your bling for a warm blanket scarf. Changing your accessories makes a big difference in the look your putting out there. 

Footwear Swap:

If you are going ALL DAY in an outfit, it is usually impossible to wear those oh-so-cute stiletto's for 9 hours. Swap your shoes to match what your doing next! Trade your small nude pumps for some scrappy sandals or your pointy stilettos for some cute slip on runners! But remember - have a place to stash those shoes. Having them in your handbag all night just isn't that cute (believe me, I've been there). 

Day to Night // Simply Glam Girls

If you have any tips for me swapping out my wardrobe - let me know in the comments below! 

Outfit Details: 

Top: Aritzia - Babaton Carson Bustier

Jacket: Aritzia 

Skirt: Misguided - Wide Rib Skirt Tan 

Shoes: Aldo 

Bag: Gucci Soho 

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