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I recently found out that I need glasses for computer use (probably from all those late nights straining my eyes during design school). I’ve always been jealous of people who wear glasses because it’s an extra awesome detail they get to add to their outfits! So, needless to say, I was pretty enthusiastic about my new glasses! Obviously, I checked out the first eyeglass store in my vicinity and tried on about 30 different pairs to see what I liked, and of course (typical to me) I fall in love with the most expensive pair in the store. 

The frames themselves were already pretty expensive and then I found out the price after you add lenses and I was shocked! I have like THE smallest prescription and it basically doubled the price! I struggled because I only needed glasses for computer use and wasn't too fond of forking out over $700 for a pair of glasses. Yeah, I was excited about the idea of glasses, but that seemed a bit outrageous. Do I go for the ones I LOVE, or opt for a cheaper pair? I had also been checking out other online stores such as Clearly Contacts, but couldn’t find the pair that was just right. Until one night I was out with my girlfriends, explaining my dilemma to them, when one of them recommended a website for me to check out. She was actually wearing a pair of their glasses and they looked like they were really good quality and super stylish, so the next day I checked it out!

Eye Buy Direct – this was the first time I had heard of them. There were so many options that I loved! All super cute and really good prices! They even had a BOGO! How could I not? But – what if they don’t fit? Out of the 30 plus pairs I tried on, I literally liked one. So, I looked up the ‘dimensions’ or measurements of the glasses and searched for a style with a similar fit. Most glasses are measured in millimeters so I tried to find a pair that was within just a few millimeters of the pair I had been set on. I ended up finding two pairs that I liked that fit within those parameters. The pairs I found are actually pretty similar – I didn’t like plain black on my face, so both are tortoise. 

I ended up getting both pairs with lenses for $99, less than one seventh the price of what I was considering paying! I was super happy with my decision and excited to get my new glasses. The website was user friendly – you can even upload a picture and ‘try on’ the frames. Cool! I ordered them on a Monday night around ten and had them in hand by noon that Friday! I was NOT expecting to have them so soon. Both pairs fit so well and I couldn’t be happier with the whole process! I think I actually like the pairs I ended up with MORE than the original ones! I think my next pair will be something funky, like clear lenses, and at this price, you can’t feel guilty about having more than one pair! Definitely worth checking out for anyone who wears glasses!

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RFLKT – Aurora 

Eye Buy Direct – Notting Hill 

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