Simply Glam – Unreserved Moments

Summer is the season for Unreserved Moments. Time to enjoy your friends, family, sunshine – and a bit of wine.

If you know us at all, you know how much we love our wine. There is something about pouring yourself a glass at the end of the day that is just so satisfying.

Michelle and I got together a few weeks ago (before she left on her big trip), to sip on some wine and catch up on life. We had the pleasure of trying some Unreserved Wine and it was Delicious!

We got to try both of their blends - the Smooth White and Smooth Red! Both were amazingly flavorful and way too easy to drink! The best part of this blend, is that its made right here in Canada. 

If you are looking to have a night out with the girls, and have some Unresevered Moments yourself – we HIGHLY recommend purchasing this wine! Just be warned – you might experience some hilarious memories, laughter and an overall FUN time.

Click here to check out a little more about UNRESERVED WINE.

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