Step by Step Halloween Makeup Tutorial #2

Clown Makeup // Simply Glam Girls

First of all, I am no makeup artist. Infact, i am not that great at makeup in general. But, the bottom line is, it's kind of fun! Especially when it comes to Halloween. You can be creative and just mess around with having whatever makeup you want on your face! Also, it allows you the freedom of giving yourself a "Halloween" look on a VERY minimal budget. And i mean minimal - all this look took was a little bit of eyeliner! YAY! 

Clown Makeup // Simply Glam Girls

Here is how to get this look:


Do your makeup as normal, add foundation, bronzer and a little bit of eyeshadow if you want! You will be making yourself into a "clown" all with eyeliner and a little red lipstick.


Grab your liquid eyeliner. Draw a line above your eyebrows - draw another one connecting the two lines in the middle of your forehead and fill in. Repeat on both sides. Then create two lines crossing on both sides. 


Then draw a circle on your nose. fill in with eyeliner. 


Repeat steps for the top of the eye to the bottom of the eye. This time leave the cross lines out. Connect the lines and fill in.


Fill in your lips with red lipstick. Then take your eyeliner draw around your lips and make lines on either side. Again, cross two lines on either side of your mouth.


Take a larger eyeliner (not liquid) use the end to create "dots" on both side of the lines around forehead and mouth. Then create two dots on either side of your cheek.


Take a small blending brush and smooth eyeliner into lipstick. This will create the "ombre" look on your lips and blend in the black line. 

VOILA! Thats it folks. Easy, takes five minutes, and you can make your way over to your last minute halloween party without spending a penny. What a great feeling! 

XOXO Have fun and stay safe this Halloween YYC! 

Comment below with any questions or comments! 

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