Step by Step Halloween Makeup Tutorial

We LOVE Halloween and trying out different makeup looks. We are excited to share a super easy tutorial with you that any girl with a "normal" makeup selection can recreate! We have seen a ton of these cute little deer all over social media and wanted to give it a go! 

1. Moisturize and prime face.
2. Apply a lighter shade of foundation or concealer than your regular shade, I went about 3 shades lighter as I am pretty tanned right now! Focus on the central areas of the face (nose, under eyes, cheek bones, center of forehead, chin)
3. Apply a darker foundation around the perimeter of the face, and anywhere you would normally contour (hallow of cheeks, under jawline)
4. Blend with the lighter shade.
5. Contour like crazy – apply the lightest colors to the under eye area, down the center of the nose, lips, center of forehead and chin (I even took a white eye-shadow and went over top). Apply the dark colors in the hallows of your cheeks, outer forehead area and down the sides of the nose (I later went over the nose with an eye-shadow).
6. Eyes – eye-shadow: here I did a simply smoky eye with colors similar to the browns in my contour palette with a bright white highlight on the brow bone
7. Eyes – eyeliner: dramatic wing coming a few millimeters past the tear ducts towards the nose.
8. Eyes – lashes: regular mascara on the top, skip the bottom as we want them to be as light as possible. Smoke out the lower lash area with a white eyeshadow and line the inner lash line with white eyeliner.
9. Eyes – brows: I over drew the eyebrows to make them bushy looking with light feathered swipes.
10. Take one of the darker browns used in the eyeshadow and carry the line down from the inner corner of your eyelid along the bridge of your nose on each side to darken up what we previously contoured.
11. Nose – take black pencil eyeliner and draw a heart shape around the tip of your nose, carry a line down the middle to the center of your upper lip.
12. Lips - Use the same black eyeliner to line and fill in the upper lip. Bottom lip I used a nude, matte lipstick that dries up so the top and bottom lip don’t transfer onto one another.
13. Final step is the white spots, I did this with a white pencil eyeliner and just picked where I wanted my spots based on my face shape! You could do more or less, whatever your preference! Stick to the cheek bone and forehead areas.

Products Used:
Primer – Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional
Concealer – Kat Von D Lock-It
Dark Foundation – Sephora Airbrush Foundation in Honey
Contour – Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette
Eyeshadow – Urban Decay Vice two Palette (matte browns used)
Eyeliner – Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blaquer
Eyeliner – NYX Liquid eyeliner in Black
Eyeliner – NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
Brows – NYX Micro Brow in Ash Brown
Lipstick – Stila Stay all Day liquid Lipstick in Caramello

This look is super easy to do as a last minute costume, I was able to use products that I already owned and didn’t have to purchase anything new for this look! Comment below if you have any questions or comments!

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