Vintage Love

Vintage is my new obsession. There is nothing better than the thrill of finding something that has been pre-loved and still looks incredible! I don’t really know what is better – the fun of hunting for the perfect item or finding the perfect item.

There are two kinds of shoppers. The ones who go into a store and expect to see something they want, try it on – and leave happy (and are happy to leave). Then there is the second category (which I am in) – which love the thrill of LOOKING for an item, even without finding. And will leave happy, because the hunt was so fun.

My point is, not everyone likes to shop for vintage clothing because lets face it – it’s just not as easy as walking into a store, finding your size, paying and heading for the exit.

That’s why my jaw dropped when these two worlds collided – VINTAGE IN ARITZIA? They went out and bought some of the BEST second hand jeans, then re-worked them to become the coolest shorts EVER (in my opinion)!

They have a retro feel, and yet somehow feel as new as ever! I have never been so happy to find perfect, vintage shorts in a stacked-nicely pile in the middle of Aritzia.

Although… I did have to try on about 11 pairs. Even though these jeans are sold in sizes S, M, L – this means NOTHING. Some smalls were massive and some mediums barely made it over my butt. There was no real sizing, because these shorts were all VINTAGE, unique, one of a kind.

And – I love that.

But, although I tried 11 pairs on, I found the perfect pair! A pair of wranglers. – YEEHAW!

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