How to wear a neck scarf

One of my favorite accessories for fall is anything around the neck – choker necklaces  and silk scarves. I first went for the bandanna around the neck look for stampede and shortly decided I was hooked and wanted to carry it into my everyday life! Who would have thought.. Here are my tips on how to wear a neck scarf!

1. Pick a low-key print that matches your style, personally I love a minimal, fresh print – nothing too busy. Especially if this is your first time wearing a neck scarf!

2. Silk scarves are already seen as sophisticated so I would like to pair it with something more casual – because that matches my style – keeping it more on the casual side than the dressy side. For example pairing it how I have here rather than with a blazer or such, keeping away from that ‘flight attendant’ look. Not that you shouldn’t do that – just make sure it blends well with your personal style.

3. Keep the other accessories and outfit pieces on the minimal side. You want to draw attention to your scarf and not appear overdone! My favorite way to style a neck scarf is with a simple outfit. T-shirt and denim of some sort, and my next best option would be with a crisp white button up shirt!

4. A square scarf can be folded up corner to corner to be wrapped around the neck, or there are a ton of long slim scarves out right now that can be wrapped around the neck multiple times leaving whatever length out at the ends that you desire. Feel free to leave a long length hanging loose for a bit of a different look!

But where do you get one!? Here are a few of my favorites I’ve found:

Concentric Square Silk Scarf - Aritzia, $40   

Grid Dot Skinny Silk Scarf - Aritzia, $45   

Faux Suede Skinny Scarf - Nordstrom, $20   

Dot Skinny Silk Scarf – Nordstrom, $20  

Now – get out there and get a neck scarf, you’ll be surprised at the outcome! You’ll love it!

// Outfit Details //

Top // Brandy Melville

Jeans // American Eagle

Shoes // Winners (similar here)

Scarf // Aldo Accessories 


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