What’s In My Travel Bag

For those of you who don’t know, I am heading to Asia for a month long trip at the end of this month in celebration of finishing university! We will be hoping flights, boats, and trains and the last thing I want to do is lug a huge suitcase around, and worry about checked bags, SO, it is my goal to only take a carry-on, FOR A MONTH. Anyone who has ever traveled with me probably thinks this is an impossible feat but I am determined! What this means is I really, really have to take a look at everything I am bringing and make sure it will be used and not take up unnecessary (precious) space in my bag. I’ve honestly been planning for probably two months things I will bring and how to make each item usable in multiple ways. I will talk more about clothing on a later date but today we are here to talk about the skin & hair products I’ll be bringing! I am usually one to just pack whatever I think I might need – but there isn’t room for that so I need to be really efficient in knowing what I WILL need. And everything HAS to be travel size, for obvious reasons. Here is what I am bringing on this trip!

Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner – I used to use this all the time and then fell off the bandwagon, I’ve recently started using it again and I am obsessed! It leaves my hair tangle free, SO soft, and of course smelling so delightful. Moroccan oil will be perfect to keep my hair from getting too dry from all the salt water!

Moroccan Oil – again, just to avoid any dryness as needed from salt and chlorine water. We will likely be in the ocean and pool almost every day so it is important to protect that hair!

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo – what can I say, it smells delicious!! This is one of my favorite dry shampoos, and for someone who tries to wash their hair as little as possible – it is necessary!

Living Proof ‘frizz’ Humidity Shield – I am bringing this for days I actually do my hair. My natural hair is very straight, so any attempt to curl in a humid climate usually ends up a mess. I have heard really good things about this and I’ve decided to give it a go!

Quai Wavy Spray – as I said, my hair is very straight so this will be used for the days I let my hair dry naturally just to give it a bit of texture for more of a beachy wave look.

Caudalie Favorites Set – I picked this up from Sephora as I have heard a ton of great things about their products. The set came with a cleanser, beauty elixir, moisturizer, eye cream AND a detox masque (which I have used and LOVE) so I figured it would be the perfect set, and size, to bring with me!

Kate Somerville Cleanser and Exfoliator – I like to give my skin a GOOD cleanse and I love the KS products – especially when I will be in the sun and my skin will be tanned – a good exfoliator is key. Gotta keep that skin feelin' baby smooth!

Something I have yet to pick up is a really good sunscreen. I always put something on my face and body even though I am not one to burn. I’m lucky that way but I want to avoid anything to do with sun damage, wrinkles, spots, even cancer – ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN PEOPLE! I will probably buy a small bottle of something to take with me and then buy a large bottle when we are there. I would use up a travel size in probably less than a day in the sun. What is your favorite sunscreen?

I can’t wait for my trip and I’m super excited to share more with you all!

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